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"Attending Steve Howe’s Pre-Race Horse Racing Workshop will provide newcomers with the head start they need when first tackling the horse racing markets on Betfair."

Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop Details:

The Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop is a one day course held in Coventry for aspiring sports traders to learn from one of Betfair’s most experienced traders. The course is focused on one proven strategy that any trader can use time and time again in the Horse Racing markets.

For those of you who haven’t heard of, or met, Mug’s Game (whose real name is Steve Howe) you’re in for a treat. For those who know his videos, blogs or have been on his course you’ll know what I’m on about…

Background Information to the Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop

With Horse Racing being one of the most popular sports to trade on Betfair for the fact it’s on daily, has great liquidity and presents hundreds of opportunities in a week it’s no surprise it is the starting point for many just starting out on their sports trading journey. There are courses run by a number of professionals who have made it their professional living – a dream that many of us aspire to.

Who Is Steve Howe?

Steve Howe, or Mug’s Game as his moniker goes, is a professional trader of 10+ years who is renowned within the trading community for his straight-talking approach. Not many tell it how it is like Steve does. I found Steve’s helpful postings on the Bet Angel forums when doing some research one night and ended up at his personal website

As a professional Betfair trader, Steve has even been featured alongside Peter Webb and Caan Berry in the #BetfairTraders campaign the betting exchange ran in 2014.

Mugs’ website contains a lot of useful blogs filled with information about trading the Betfair markets. His YouTube channel has hundreds of videos in which he voices over and explains his (sometimes colourful!) thought processes behind races he has traded. Steve talks in very straightforward and simple language that any novice horse racing trader can understand – this is quite rare to find and very beneficial when you’re learning the ropes.

Even though I had already been on the Bet Angel Horse Racing Workshop a few months previous (read that review here) and had already booked my Peter Webb’s Trading Masterclass course (and read that review, here) I couldn’t help myself but book onto Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop too.

Booking the Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop

I booked onto his course for October 2016 – held in The Village Hotel, Coventry – via (you can check the current availability of his courses here too).

This is where Mug’s begins to show his true class. There is nothing that is too much for Steve. If you have any queries he will seemingly go to any length to help you out and give you the right information. The detail in the introductory email is first class. As I was flying over from Belfast Steve’s directions, travel and accommodation information provided gave me with a clear idea of what time I should book my flights for, which hotel I should stay in and how to get to it.

A picture of the outside the Village Hotel, Coventry

Outside the Village Hotel, Coventry

Steve also recommended that we stay over at the hotel from the night before as he would be hanging around to get to know those attending the course for (what was meant to be) a light drinking session. More on that in the next section.

Nothing to do then except pass the time until the course by watching more of Steve’s videos for purely learning purposes. OK, also for some light, post-watershed entertainment too.


Steve even took the time to email everybody on the Friday before the course to give details of the pre-meet up session and provide info on the course format. He also mentioned that he would be hanging about in the bar afterwards for people to pick his brains about what they had just learned.

Personally, I arrived at the hotel on the Saturday (the course was on the Monday) as I’d planned to take advantage of the gym and swimming facilities. In the end, I just wound up watching the weekend football on their f**king huge TV screen. It is a proper sports bar, top notch.

On the Sunday I went down to the bar to join Steve and the other attendees. We all had a few drinks (some had more than a few and paid for it the next day) and got our chance to talk to Steve to ask him questions about life as a professional sports trader. He also informed us about the upgrade option where we would be invited to join his mentorship program upon completion of the course (which is well worth it by the way, but more on this at the end of the review). Most of us retired to bed by 1am in our attempts to be somewhat sensible and keep ourselves fresh enough for the day of learning ahead of us.

The Day of the Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop

The course started shortly after 9am and we got stuck into some basics and essential knowledge about money management, discipline and psychology (an essential part of any trader’s armour), keeping your bank safe and then a quick run through of the horse racing strategy we would be learning.

Steve then talks about his strategy in greater detail and told us why it had been so successful and proceeded to go through a few examples of him deploying this strategy. I have to admit, I did think “Is that it? Just one strategy? There has to be more to trading than this, everything I’ve learnt about it so far has told me so.” How wrong I was. You see, as a novice trader (and I’m sure there are many others out there like me) I tend to overcomplicate things at times. When I was just starting out if someone told me information about a strategy I would always think there was more to it. In fact, this is one of the biggest things that held me back in the beginning.

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One strategy is all that aspiring traders need to get a successful foothold in trading the pre-race markets.

Back to the course review, though. After a break for lunch Steve went through this one strategy time and time again and took any and every question the attendees had about it. There was no such thing as a stupid question in this room, Steve wanted to make sure every one of us understood fully what we were learning and how to implement it in the horse racing markets ourselves. By the end of it we knew exactly what we had to do and when we could implement it. Of course, it would take practice for us doing it by ourselves, but with Steve’s confidence in us we all felt like we could go forward and have a real crack at it.

At the end of the course Steve handed everyone an 8gb USB stick filled with annotated video examples of the videos he had just gone through and other examples which we could watch ourselves. These are fantastic – the amount of depth Steve goes into on every trade is fantastic for newbies. They are all broken down bit by bit and paused at points so Steve can point out the indicators he was using at that very second of the trade. It really will drive the strategy home for you and give you confidence that you can go out there and do it yourself.

After Course – The Mug’s Game Mentorship Group

Before I start, i’m not sure whether Steve still offers this. It’s worth checking with him yourself.

For anyone who has attended his course Steve offers the opportunity to join his mentorship group. In this you get access to all of Steve’s Skype groups and the groups of a few of his trusted fellow traders who specialise in certain markets. These include all the main Betfair sports markets and politics.

  • Football
  • Horse Racing (Pre-Race and Back to Lay/Lay to Back)
  • Tennis
  • NFL
  • Cricket
  • Politics
  • Matched Betting
  • And a few other rooms for banter and member trades

This is an incredible resource for any trader. As is often said, trading can be a lonely game at times, and having a bunch of other traders discussing in real time the same markets as you are trading can be invaluable. All the guys are great and if anyone asks a question someone will undoubtedly step forward to answer it. Steve is very active too, mainly in the Horse Racing rooms and will often post in new video content that he has recently recorded. This is the extra level of effort that the man goes to, he keeps his content fresh and provides numerous examples – often answering recent questions from new traders who have joined the group.

Joining the mentorship group for at least 6 months will undoubtedly boost your progress. It is one of the best trading resources available.

The main value for me when joining the mentorship program was in the extra video content. There was roughly an extra 10gbs of video content covering Horse Racing and Football that is all available via Dropbox download. There are three types of Horse Racing videos:

  • More examples of the strategy we were taught on the course
  • Videos of how Steve does his morning research to prepare for the day
  • Morning Racing – where Steve puts on some trades early due to the trend that is developing on them

The Football videos were a lightbulb moment for me as they helped to give me my first strategies to trade the pre-match markets. I finally started to make some consistent profit…until a couple of months later I lost my discipline again as I got involved in in-play Football trading – it seems to happen to us all at the novice stage! The important thing is that Steve’s videos open your mind up to all manner of possibilities of how to trade the markets that anyone just starting out probably wouldn’t begin to realise.

What Edge Will It Give Me?

Attending Steve Howe’s Pre-Race Horse Racing Workshop will provide newcomers with the head start they need when first tackling the horse racing markets on Betfair. The strategy explained on the course, combined with the takeaway video content, will undoubtedly provide a sound base to go into your trading sessions with confidence of being able to end the day with a profit.

Final Thoughts on the Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop

If you’ve been on the Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop and joined his mentorship program I’m sure you’ll agree with me in saying that it is fantastic value for money. For anyone thinking about going on it – the course will provide you with the platform for your success in trading and the Mug’s Game mentorship group will help with any pitfalls or queries you’re likely to have along the way. This course is fantastic starting place for those new to Sports Trading – you will not regret booking your place and investing in the mentorship group afterwards.

Have you been on the Mug’s Game Horse Racing Workshop? Comment below with your thoughts on it!

Top Tips

  • Bring a notepad and make notes – there is a lot of information to take in.
  • Familiarise yourself with a trading software, it doesn’t have to be Gruss, but as long as you understand how software works and the benefits it offers. If you’re entirely new then have a look at our blog post on the topic, here.
  • Take advantage of joining in with everyone the night before – you’ll meet some top people and be able to share experiences. Just don’t get too drunk so you can’t concentrate during the course the next day.
  • Watch the numerous videos provided in the extra content until you’re confident enough to trade the markets yourself.
  • I wouldn’t recommend this course to anyone who is completely new to sports trading. If you haven’t already then read these three books that are perfect for beginners before booking any courses.
  • Great value for money
  • Run by a genuinely nice bloke who is looking after newbies’ interests. The information provided in the lead up to going on the course is fantastic
  • Mentorship group is well worth the investment
  • The hotel put anchovies in my Caesar salad when I asked them not to. (Seriously though, it’s hard to find any negatives about this course – just ask anyone else who has been on it.)

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