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"An amazing all-in-one scanner that provides a visual representation of all the match statistics for all football games currently in-play on Betfair."

The In-Play Scanner is a one-stop overview to see all the important statistics for all football games currently in-play on Betfair. If you’re visiting a website like STT i’m sure you’re likely familiar with the Bet365 In-Play interface that provides a visual representation and match statistics of live football games… Well what if you had a tool like that whereby instead of having to go through each game one by one to see the match stats you could see EVERY game at once? That’s exactly what the In-Play Scanner offers subscribers.

How Does the In-Play Scanner Work?

Just like any major bookmaker does, the In-Play Scanner utilises a data service provider to push the statistics of in-play football matches to their website so they can display the pertinent game information. However, whereas with the bookmakers you can only see the stats on a game by game basis the scanner gathers all of the current in-play matches that are being live-traded on Betfair’s betting exchange and displays all the match information in-play sports that traders need to know in one simple overview hub.

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In-Play Scanner

What Edge Will It Give Me?

The In-Play Football Scanner tool is an excellent addition to any in-play trader’s trading arsenal. It is a dream tool to use due to its ease-of-use and providing you a one-look overview of all the current in-play games.

It will provide a significant edge in your in-play trading by giving you instant access to the most important stats allowing you to cherry pick only the best live trading opportunities.

What Do I Get with the In-Play Scanner?

There are a couple of little extras that you get with your subscription and this gives you some great extra value for your money. Subscribers get access to the following:

  • In-Play Scanner tool, customisable with your own strategy criteria filters
  • Draw Inflation tool
  • Market Matcher tool
  • The chatroom where professional traders hang out and share their trades
  • Morning emails from Ads, the head trader, with a summary of trades that will be traded live by him in the chatroom

What Ways Can I Use the In-Play Scanner?

Every football game that is currently in-play on Betfair is displayed on the scanner. You can highlight whichever games you want to keep an eye on and order them by whatever choice of statistics you wish – these can be seen below.

In-Play Scanner Statistics Overview Bar
In-Play Scanner Statistics Overview Bar

From left to right we have; Shots on Target, Shots off Target, Corners, Penalties, Free Kicks, Red Cards, Yellow Cards, Dangerous Attacks and Possession. You’re probably wondering what the two lightning icons are though… This is PI1 and PI2 – two unique, standout features of the tool.

PI1 (Pressure Index 1) is the red lightning icon and the one I favour.

  • This calculates the pressure in the last 10 minutes by each of the Home and Away sides
  • A shot on or off target counts for 10 points and each 5% share of possession is given one point
  • PI1 highlights in red when a game is seeing a lot of action that could lead to a goal
In-Play Scanner - Pressure Index 1 Lightning Bolt Symbol
In-Play Scanner - Pressure Index 1 Lightning Bolt Symbol
In-Play Scanner - Pressure Index 1 Criteria
Pressure Index 1 Criteria

PI2 (Pressure Index 2) is the yellow lightning icon.

  • This calculates the pressure in the last 10 minutes by each of the Home and Away sides
  • This is calculated by a combination of Dangerous Attacks which are allocated 1 point and the weighting given to zero corners occurring in the last 8 minutes (-2 points)
  • PI2 is highlighted in blue when it reaches a certain total and again indicates that there is a lot of attacking going on
In-Play Scanner - Pressure Index 2 Lightning Bolt Symbol
Pressure Index 2 Lightning Bolt Symbol
In-Play Scanner - Pressure Index 2 Criteria
Pressure Index 2 Criteria

Both indicators highlight pressure within the last 10 minutes. If the numbers are high and highlighted then it indicates that this match is ‘hot’ (is seeing a lot of action) and there is strong potential for a goal.

I’m not sure of many traders in the chatroom who use the PI1 indicator on its own, but one thing is for sure – if both indexes are highlighted then it means the game is producing a lot of attacking pressure, whether that is solely from one team or from both teams, and there is a good chance of a goal.

Screenshot of the In-Play Scanner - Example of PI1 and PI2 during Saturday 3pm Games
Example of PI1 and PI2 during Saturday 3pm Games

Using Your Own Strategies

The In-Play Scanner is also fully customisable for your own trading style.

Say one of your strategies is ‘Lay 0-0 at Odds of 3’, well with the In-Play Scanner you can set your own parameters so that the scanner will only display games that fit your criteria.

For example, if your criteria for laying the 0-0 was set to:

  • Correct Score: 0-0 with maximum Lay odds of 3.1
  • Correct Score: Minimum Matched – £2,000
  • Shots on Target: Minimum – 5
  • Corners: Minimum: 5

Then whenever a game fits all the criteria you have selected the In-Play Scanner will give you a sound alert that it has been added to your watch list. You can also subscribe to email alerts for when a game matches your criteria too.

In-Play Scanner - Lay 0-0 around 60mins Strategy Example
'Lay 0-0 around 60mins' Strategy Example

The bulb icon allows you to highlight games which are catching your eye. These will rise to, and stay, at the top of the screen.

Draw Inflation and Market Matcher Tools

These 2 excellent tools come bundled with the In-Play Scanner adding even more value to your subscription. I’ve provided a brief overview below of how they’re used, why they’ll add another string to your football trading bow plus a link to the full review of Draw Inflation.

Draw Inflation

The DI tool indicates when the pre-match price of the draw is overpriced or underpriced. This provides the opportunity for a trader to nip in and back or lay it (or the underdog) in order to scalp a handful of ticks. The Draw Inflation tool can be subscribed to on its own. (Update August 2017 – The Draw Inflation tool no longer comes as a subscription on its own, however it is still bundled with the IPS and the Pre-Match Trading tool as a free add-on.)

For our full review of it, see here.

Market Matcher

Market Matcher is a Pre-Match tool that is used to find games which fit within a certain criteria for any strategy. For example, if you had a strategy that was best used when the Home side’s odds were between 1.7 and 2, with the Over 2.5s were also between 1.7 and 2 with the 0-1 Correct Score to the away side below odds of 11 then the Market Matcher would find games that fit these parameters. This is known as the ‘Back 4’ strategy and one of a number of strategies listed on site that you can get stuck into.                 

Support and Training

The guys over at have made a number of videos providing training on how to get the most out of the In-Play Scanner tool where they show it in action. You can check these out on the IPS website. However, the tool itself is fairly self-explanatory and the only training you may need to know is how the Pressure Indexes work, although I’ve already covered this above.

I have never had to contact the site for support purposes but have emailed resident trader Ads a few times and had a timely response within the day.

German and Greek Versions

There are German and Greek versions of the tool available. These are run by franchisees but run exactly the same as the English version.

Click here for the English website.

The German website is known as Goalscanner and can be found here.

The Greek website is known as NextGoal and can be found here.

The tool’s real value comes during times and days where the fixture schedule is hectic such as Saturday 3pm and midweek evenings with multiple Champions League/Europa League games

Final Thoughts

The In-Play Scanner is particularly useful in busy periods where there are a lot of football matches going. As such it is worth its weight in gold on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm when there is a football overload. Likewise, during fixture-packed Sundays and the midweek evenings when there are Champions League, Europa League and English Football League matches on.

If you’re an in-play football trader who likes to get involved at these times you know that keeping a track of matches over the weekend can be a nightmare – if you often find this then the In-Play Scanner will go some way to remedying this headache.

£ 39
per month
  • In-Play Stats Scanner
  • Advised Strategies
  • Personal Saved Strategies
  • Email Alerts
  • Email Support
£ 106
  • In-Play Stats Scanner
  • Advised Strategies
  • Personal Saved Strategies
  • Email Alerts
  • Email Support
Best Value
6 Months - Save £43
£ 191
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  • In-Play Stats Scanner
  • Advised Strategies
  • Personal Saved Strategies
  • Email Alerts
  • Email Support

Top Tips

  • Combining the In-Play Scanner with some pre-match statistical research will help you spot the best in-play opportunities
  • Avail of the chatroom – especially when resident professional trader (Ads) is about – the members all work together to spot the best opportunities
  • Unique tool that is a great hub for keeping an eye of in-play trading opportunities
  • Filter option allows you to cherry pick the best opportunities that suit your trading strategies
  • Chatroom with professional traders is great for helping you find the best opportunities
  • Trading live in the chatroom with Ads, the main trader, is very helpful for newbies
  • I feel the training for the Draw Inflation and the Market Matcher could be laid out better on the site, but once you get used to the tools it’ll become second nature. The In-Play Scanner needs very little training to use, however.


What languages is the tool available in?

English, Greek and German.

Click here for the English site.

Click here for the Greek site, NextGoal.

Click here for the German site, Goalscanner.

Do I have to sign up for a full season?

No, different subscription plans are available in 14 days, 1 months, 3 months and 6 months increments. Obviously the longer your subscription plan the more save in the long term with the 6 months bringing the monthly price down to £32.

Is the Chatroom lively?

Yes, the chat room is full of traders day in day out. How busy it is obviously depends on the amount of football available to trade. Ads is frequently in the chatroom to share his advice on his recommended trades too.

What leagues does it support?

If a game is listed on Betfair it will be displayed on the scanner.

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