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Betfair Trading Software Overview - Geeks Toy, Bet Angel, BetTrader - SportsTradingTools.co.uk

Betfair Trading Software Overview

Betfair Trading Software is designed to assist and facilitate sports traders in their efforts to profit from the markets. If you do not have access to software then you will be putting yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage. Quite simply, trading software is part of the ‘edge’ that any trader has in their armoury.

What Benefits Does Betfair Trading Software Offer?

The following are essential aspects of the ‘edge’ that software gives a trader:

  • Fast and automatic price refreshes
  • Ladder display offers full market depth (the amount of matched and unmatched money sitting at lots of odds). On the Betfair website you can only see the most current 3 prices on either side of the book
  • Contains signals which may help indicate where a price is headed such as Weight of Money, Traded Volume and Book Percentage
  • Can provide graphs and charts so users can display information in a visual form that they’re more comfortable with and can read better
  • Simplified one click betting and staking means your orders hit the market instantly and the software will auto-calculate your stake when you wish to hedge your trade

Top Tips from My Experience

I have used all 3 of the software listed below. Geeks Toy and Bet Angel are the two stand out ones but I also used BetTrader as I wanted something that was easily installable on my Mac.

The best advice I can give you when picking a software to go with is:

  • Try the free trials first to get used to how software works and the benefits they bring. Then figure which one you prefer the look and feel of
  • It may be best to start with a cheaper software when beginning. Software like Bet Angel, which costs more, has many functions that beginners won’t use in their early stages – however, you may wish to progress to this when you reach a more advanced level
  • There is no issue with running 2, or even 3, different software. They each have their own unique selling point. I use Bet Angel for pre-race horse racing trading but prefer to use Geeks Toy for football trading
  • If you’re going to attend a course then you definitely need to familiarise yourself with how software works and the benefits they offer so you can understand how and why the professional trader you’re listening to is doing what they’re doing

Top Pick: Geeks Toy

  • Pricing Options: 3 months – £20, 1 year – £60
  • Unique Feature/s: Huge amount of customisation options. Queue Position function. Has versions for all three of the biggest betting exchanges
  • Exchanges Available For: Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook
  • Level of Customisation: Seemingly unlimited
  • Mac/Windows: Windows only – though I have installed it on my Mac using Wine (an open source software, not the drink)
  • Trial and Free Versions: 14 day free trial available for the Betfair version. Software is completely free to use for both Betdaq and Matchbook
  • Website: www.geekstoy.com

Brief Overview: One of the most popular software on the market due to its level of customisation, functionality and low price. Used by professional trader Caan Berry.

Short Review: A fantastic piece of kit that both looks and performs great. Its low cost and inclusion of some unique features makes it the perfect choice for any trader just beginning their journey.

 Read the full review.

Geeks Toy Ladder - Europa League Trade, Fully Hedged
An example trade using the Geeks Toy software

Bet Angel Professional

  • Pricing Options: 1 year – £150, 6 months – £100, 3 months – £60. Options also available for 2 months, 1 month and 1 day.
  • Unique Feature/s: Dedicated Tennis Trading software. Soccer Mystic
  • Exchanges Available For: Betfair and Betdaq
  • Level of Customisation: Almost everything can be customised in the way it is displayed. Advanced functions in the form of Excel integration are also a welcome addition to the trader’s armoury.
  • Mac/Windows: Windows only – though can easily be installed on Macs by using Parallels (a Windows virtualisation software).
  • Trial and Free Versions: 14-day free trial available for the Betfair version, software is completely free to use for Betdaq. There is a basic version for Betfair that is totally free but this is heavily limited in terms of functionality.
  • Website: www.betangel.com

Brief Overview: The highest level of professional software on the market and one of the most popular due to its advanced functionality and features such as Automation and Tennis Trader. Has everything that a sports trader could want.

Short Review: Another fantastic software that both looks and performs great. It may be the priciest on the market but the inclusion of advanced features such as Automation, Tennis Trader and integration with Excel makes it the perfect choice for any trader who wants to up their game.

Read the full review.

Bet Angel Ladder Interface
The Bet Angel Ladder Interface


  • Pricing Options: 1 year – £99, Monthly – £9.99
  • Unique Feature/s: Works natively on both Mac and Windows PC without having to install any other software
  • Exchanges Available For: Betfair only
  • Level of Customisation: Little
  • Mac/Windows: Works seamlessly on both as it performs through using an internet browser – this also means you can access your BetTrader account from anywhere (Chrome is the recommended browser)
  • Trial and Free Versions: 14-day free trial available of the full-feature version. There is also a completely free version but this is so limited in its functionality that it’s about as useful as trading through the Betfair website itself. I’d advise against even trying to use it if you’re trading.
  • Website: www.racingtraders.co.uk

Brief Overview: A basic software that just gets the job done. There are no frills here but it performs perfectly well as a trading software.

Short Review: It’s not the fanciest and hasn’t got any bells or whistles, but it does what it needs to do and for beginners that’s all you really need. It has an appeal to Mac users who don’t want to have to the added expense/hassle that comes with using external programs just to be able to use the likes of Geeks Toy or Bet Angel.

Read the full review.

BetTrader Pre-Race Horse Racing, Ladder Screenshot
BetTrader Pre-Race Horse Racing, Ladder Screenshot

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