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5 Things Normal People Do with Their Matched Betting Earnings - SportsTradingTools.co.uk

5 Things Normal People Do with Their Matched Betting Earnings

Matched Betting

It’s no secret that since 2008 and the financial crisis that the regular man and woman has been getting screwed. There’s not a week goes by that I read an article on the internet that tells me inflation is rising yet wages are falling. What happens when prices rises but wages fall? People get financially squeezed!

“The upshot is that today’s young adults are the first generation since at least World War Two not to start their working lives with higher incomes than those born before them.”

Housing Costs as % of Income - BBC Article
Housing Costs as % of Income - from the linked BBC Article

(Source: BBC News April 2017 www.bbc.co.uk/news/)

That article and quote was published in the month I turned 28 myself and when I read it I couldn’t help but find it an incredibly depressing fact! As someone who’s been matched betting since 2014 I don’t know how many people my age get by with just their yearly salary.

So, to give you some inspiration to start your path to financial freedom I’ve pulled 5 example from the Profit Maximiser Facebook group of what real people like you and me are spending their matched betting earnings on.

Just a note: The following includes real examples from Profit Maximiser, the matched betting service I personally use. I’ve blurred out the names on the posts for privacy reasons, but if you want to verify them yourself you can search for them when you get into the Profit Maximiser Facebook group.

1. Pay for Their Dream Car

It’s an obvious one, isn’t it? All of these guys on Profit Maximiser posted to show off their new purchases. It’s jokingly known as ‘willy waving’ on the Facebook group but sure why wouldn’t you show people what you’ve bought with your new found financial freedom?

People want to see what others are doing and get inspired to take action. Whilst I didn’t use my matched betting funds to put down a deposit on my car, I do use the money to pay it off every month. I had a Renault Clio that was falling apart, so I got myself a Volkswagen Scirocco in 2015 and I love it!

Then you have people who like to buy a £50k Aston Martin from their profits…

The £50K Aston Martin - Profit Maximiser
The £50K Aston Martin
Another car bought with profits from Matched Betting
Another car bought with profits from Matched Betting
Oh, look! Another one. Beautiful! - Profit Maximiser
Oh, look! Another one. Beautiful!

Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser will open your eyes on how to make consistent, long-term profits by outsmarting the bookmakers with simple maths time and time again. In truth, there is no better edge in betting than using a product like Profit Maximiser. If you take action you will have the yearly sub made back within a week. It is a life-changing product.

With a 30-day trial available for only £1, the only question is, are you willing to take the chance on spending £1 to potentially make thousands?

2. Pay for Their Deposit on a New House/Pay Their Mortgage/Pay Their Rent

People frequently post on Profit Maximiser about how they’ve put their money to good use by putting it down as a deposit on a new house or even just increasing their mortgage payments so they can pay it off sooner.

You can tell by their posts in the Facebook group that matched betting has been of huge benefit to them – I mean, who wouldn’t want some help with paying off such a massive amount of money such as mortgage or a deposit on a house.

Mike's Mortgage Advice Thread - Profit Maximiser
Mike's Mortgage Advice Thread
Just another one of those '£20,000 Club' posts we see on Profit Maximiser all the time
Just another one of those '£20,000 Club' posts we see on Profit Maximiser all the time
Another '£20k Club' post' - Profit Maximiser pays the bill every month!
Another '£20k Club' post' - Profit Maximiser pays the bill every month!

3. Pay for The Little Luxuries in Life

I’ll take the mic on this one and speak from my own experience. When I started matched betting I was 25, living at home and had just started my first office job. So, the money I was making from Profit Maximiser was spent on myself. Because why not? I bought:

  • A Playstation 4 – my first big purchase
  • A new 42” HDTV to go along with it
  • A new Macbook
  • A new Macbook Air for my brother for Xmas – how generous was I?!
  • A holiday to Thailand – if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it!
  • A city break to Rome for me and my Mum – cus I love my Mum and she deserved it!

Looking back now, I kind of wish I’d kept some more of it and invested it, but I was financially naïve. These days, since I’ve moved out, I use matched betting to pay for the more simple things like rent, living expenses and paying my car. But I also find some time to invest it into the likes of Bitcoin.

4. Starting A Business/Investing it

I’ve seen countless people on Profit Maximiser post about how they saved their earnings so they could start their own business. These are the ones who were thinking long term – which I kind of wish I did when I first started out!

As said above, I use my earnings to invest in Bitcoin. I’ve read and watched a lot of stuff over the past year about how money makes money, so I’m more conservative about how I spend my earnings and instead think of what I could do with it in the future once I’ve compounded it.

Fast track your learning of Matched Betting and get reaching your own financial freedom by signing up to our free 7-part Email course: ‘Matched Betting: 7 Steps to Reaching Your Financial Freedom’!

5. Pay for Their Wedding

I’m not married, but we all know that weddings cost a sh*tload. The ball park figure is about £10-20k… I guess? With weddings often taking between 1-2 years to plan that’s plenty of time to make most, if not all that money.

£30,000 Club and the bookies are paying for the wedding and honeymoon!
£30,000 Club and the bookies are paying for the wedding and honeymoon!
From Bonus Bagging to Profit Maximiser to the £10k Club
From Bonus Bagging to Profit Maximiser to the £10k Club
Profit Maximiser Thank You Post
Profit Maximiser Thank You Post

That’s 5 things that regular people do with their extra yearly income. I wanted to include a mix of the simple and the more extravagant because to some people an extra income wouldn’t be spent on luxuries.

To some people the extra income is a way of keeping debt-free and cutting out the stresses in life that come with regular bills.

This is proof that you can change all that if you choose to.

Financial Freedom Quote - Suze Orman

That’s all for Step 2, I hope that’s given you plenty of inspiration! Follow  me on Twitter @STT_Neal or like the Facebook page to get some more.

Did you know Bonus Bagging is the introductory service to Profit Maximiser? You can get a 14-Day trial of it for just £1.

STT Top Tip: Invest in Bonus Bagging and use the profits made from it to upgrade to Profit Maximiser.

Matched Bettor of 3+ years. Loves helping others find their path to what they really want to do in life. Started my Sports and Cryptocurrency Trading journey in June 2016. Bitcoiner.

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