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This post is for Windows trading set ups only, if you want to find out how to set your Apple Mac up for trading please see this post here.

I understand most of you may have some or most of these items and are ready to set up your Betfair trading software and get started, but if not here’s some information about what sort of computer equipment will suit for the purposes of sports trading.

All of these will support pretty much any and every Betfair Trading Software and I’ve discussed this a bit more at the bottom of the page.

The Best Windows Desktops for Sports Trading

I’m assuming you may already have a desktop or laptop, but if not then here are a couple of options for you. One is a budget option that won’t cost an arm and a leg but is powerful enough to suit your trading needs, whereas the other is a higher spec All-in-One desktop that has some benefits over the budget version.

Budget Option

This Lenovo All-in-One 19” desktop should do the trick. It doesn’t break the bank at £319.99 and should be powerful enough to deal with running any Betfair trading software whilst. It also has built-in speakers which will be particularly handy if you’re using the same monitor to watch Racing UK, At The Races or just using Betfair’s own live feed for any sport you’re trading.

If you find you need any more screen space then this will also allow you to hook up an external HDMI monitor with ease.

Higher Spec Option

This Lenovo Ideacentre 23” will be perfect for your trading needs. The benefits it has over the budget option is that it has much more screen space and will have no trouble dealing with any multitasking.

Again, if you find down the line that you’d like the luxury of more screen space then it’ll be easy to add an external monitor to hook up to it.

The Best Windows Laptops for Sports Trading

Laptops are not ideal for trading, mainly due to the limited screen space, but if you’re investing in a new bit of kit you may want something that is more multipurpose and can be taken with you on the go.

Budget Options

I’ve picked a selection of laptops on the Amazon website. Any of these should be more than capable of handling the job that a Betfair trader needs it to do. They’re all priced between £260 and £399.99 and have a minimum 15” screen size. Just like the desktop above you will be able to hook up an external monitor to them for when you’re at home and have your trading set up on a desk.

See the best budget laptop options by clicking here.

Higher Spec Options

These options are mainly the top of the grade laptops that will pretty much be able to handle anything that you throw at them. They will be more than sufficient for your trading exploits. Again, just as above, it will be no trouble adding external monitors to increase your screen space.

See the best higher spec laptops by clicking here. (Please ignore any touchscreen tablets or laptops with 13” monitors that are in the search results. These are not sufficient for trading.)

The Best External Monitors for Sports Trading

Budget Monitors

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to monitors. Anything 21” or above will be suitable and HDMI monitors of this size can be bought from between £80-90.

I personally have two of these:

My Dream Monitor

Currently, I have 2 external 21” monitors, but if I could pick any monitor I wanted then I’d be going for this 29” Inch HD Curved LG Monitor:

Recommended Sports Trading Software for Windows Users

All of these set ups will work with any Betfair Trading Software, but my advice to newcomers is that Geeks Toy is the perfect trading software to begin with for a number of reasons:

  • It’s very reasonably priced at £20 for 3 months subscription or £60 for 12 months
  • It has all the functions that you need when you’re just starting out
  • It’s very reliable as it very rarely has any issues

You can find out more about Geeks Toy, here.

My Sports Trading Set Ups

I’m an Apple Mac user so my trading set up is quite complicated – this is because I insisted on having both Bet Angel and Geeks Toy (and then also BetTrader!) on both of my Macbooks.

My Desktop Set Up

My desktop set up is:

  • 1x Apple Macbook Pro 13”
  • 2x 21” Samsung HD Monitors
  • With both Geeks Toy and Bet Angel installed

How I got Geeks Toy and Bet Angel to both work on my Macbook Pro is a convoluted process that no one should have to go through! I installed Apple’s own Bootcamp software and purchased Windows 10. Because of numerous issues that popped up along the way this took around a total of 4 hours get to the point where I could use both software seamlessly.

This set up means I can reboot my Mac and load it up in either Mac OS or Windows.

My Apple Macbook 13 Desktop Sports Trading Set Up with Geeks Toy
My Apple Macbook 13" Desktop Sports Trading Set Up with Geeks Toy (Run via Bootcamp)

My Laptop Set Up

My laptop set up is:

  • 1x Apple Macbook 12”
  • Geeks Toy (installed with Wine), Bet Angel (installed with Parallels) and BetTrader installed

As well as my Macbook that I use as a desktop nowadays, I also own a 12” Macbook and am able to run Geeks Toy on it, however this a combination of hours of patience and Wine (not the alcohol). Wine is a 3rd party software that allows you to install Windows applications on Mac. Again, due to technical hitches, it took around 2-3 hours for me to get this working. It doesn’t work entirely seamlessly either – but it’s my preferred set up as it’s quick and easy to load up.

I also have BetTrader installed – it runs seamlessly as it works natively on a Mac – this is because it runs through an internet browser such as Chrome.

My Apple Macbook 12" Sports Trading Set Up with Geeks Toy
My Apple Macbook 12" Sports Trading Set Up with Geeks Toy

If I was starting out again I’d simply buy myself an All-in-One Windows desktop machine that was purely dedicated to running Geeks Toy and the use of any TV pictures to inform my trading.

Matched Bettor of 3+ years. Loves helping others find their path to what they really want to do in life. Started my Sports and Cryptocurrency Trading journey in June 2016. Bitcoiner.

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