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The 3 Best Online Tools for Learning Pre-Race Trading

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″ css=”.vc_custom_1498427789377{border: 1px solid #cecece !important;border-radius: 1px !important;}”][vc_column_text]Trading the horses pre-race is one of the most popular ways to trade Betfair. When the concept is explained to people at first they’re often confused by how you can ensure a profit on a horse before it has even run its race no matter whether it wins, doesn’t place, loses or falls. But you can often see huge moves in these markets in the last 10 minutes before the off. It seems that almost every new trader starts their journey by trading them – but why? 

1. Multiple opportunities to profit daily

With racing on 363 days out of the 365 days in a year and with an average of 3 meetings per day you can see the appeal. There are also plenty of evening races throughout the year meaning those who work during the day still have an opportunity to practice their skills.

2. Volume and Liquidity

With races averaging between £400k-700k that means professional traders can often get large stakes in and out of the markets multiple times – creating large profits.

3. It’s often considered the true art of sports trading

Trading Pre-Race Horse Racing is like trading no other sport because you can trade it purely by reading what is happening in the markets and why – whereas other sports rely heavily on statistical analysis. Essentially, it teaches you a lot of the fundamental skills that come with being a profitable trader.

That’s not to say it is easy though. New traders have to be aware that there are even when/if you can master the art of trading that there are lots of psychological hurdles traders need to overcome in order to stay profitable. This is one of the main reasons Caan Berry’s Advanced Video Pack is our top pick out of the three tools listed below.

What Benefits Do the Following Tools Offer?

  • They will teach you the fundamentals to trading the horses
  • They allow you to learn in your own time and at your own pace
  • Much cheaper than a one-day course
  • They will help you learn from the mistakes that other professionals have already made

Top Tips from My Experience

  • Only take a day or two using the practice mode on your trading software if you’re practicing the lessons taught in these tools. You need to trade with real money – even if it’s just £2 stakes – to see how you will truly perform under the pressure
  • Don’t dive in with a large trading bank and/or large stakes in your first few months. Most traders fully blow at least 2-3 trading banks. I’m telling you this because I blew a £500 to start with and then a couple of months later tried with £2000… and well… Yeh… Stupid of me.
  • The best time to learn pre-race trading is between March to October as the markets are full of money and have a sense of stability about them. In the winter months, they are very volatile due to decreased volume and liquidity
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Top Pick: Caan Berry’s Advanced Video Pack

  • Price: £167 one off payment, includes free updates for life
  • Topics Covered: Mindset, Market Dynamics, Managing Risk, Swing Trading and Scalping, Irish Racing, Back to Lay Technique, Greyhound Racing Trading and many more (See the full list of topics on Caan’s website)
  • Website:

Brief Overview: A pack with 22 modules and 96 videos – Caan’s online trading resource takes you through each step on the path to becoming a profitable horse racing trader.

Short Review: As is well illustrated by his early blogs, Caan is someone who knows and understands the initial stages and struggles any newbie horse racing trader goes through. The video pack is a fantastic resource for those looking to take the leap from learning the basics of trading to learning the ins and outs of how professionals profit from the horse racing markets daily.

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Caan Berry’s Pre-Race Trading Guide

Brief Overview: A lot of the information contained in this guide is essential knowledge if you are to make a success of trading the markets. If you are completely new to trading this will be a real eye opener as to why the markets move in the way they do.

Short Review: Caan Berry’s Pre-Race Trading Guide will provide the perfect head-start for beginners to pre-off Horse Racing trading by giving you the essential, basic knowledge needed to prepare yourself for trading them.

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Betfair Trading Community – Horse Racing Section

  • Pricing Options: First month – £14.99 then £29.99 per month thereafter or £299 per year
  • Topics Covered: A Horse Racing Trading Starters Guide, Pre-Race Swing Trading Guide, Pre-Race Scalping Guide
  • Website:

Brief Overview: It’s my personal feeling that the Betfair Trading Community is better to join if you are looking for an all-round community rather than as a sole resource to learn horse racing trading in-depth, however it does have some useful resources for complete newcomers to trading the sport.

Short Review: The Betfair Trading Community is specifically tailored for those who are new to trading sports on Betfair. If you are just beginning out on your journey and are not sure which sport best suits you then it is a great place to start.

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