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"The Masterclass is all about what you need to get involved in trading, the type of mindset and mentality you need and a ‘warts and all’ insight into both the good and bad."

RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass Details:

RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass is outlined as a day that will cover the following areas:

  • How to improve your understanding of analysing sports markets and identify trading opportunities
  • Implement trading strategies using the analysis
  • Psychology of trading
  • Money management and discipline
  • In-play trading opportunities
  • Reading racing markets with minimal knowledge
  • Introduction to trading software and its importance
  • And finally, how to move your sports trading from a hobby to having a serious approach

At the outset, Tony clearly says that the workshop will encompass his nine years of trading experience condensed into one day to show delegates the best way to get started, then improve, then succeed. He clearly stated that this would most definitely not be a get rich quick scheme and we’d need focus and dedication to make our sports trading profitable.

*Editor’s Note: This course was attended by someone other than Neal, who has done most of the reviews on this site. The reviewer wanted to remain anonymous.*

Background Information to RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass 

With Horse Racing being one of the most popular sports to trade on Betfair for the fact it’s on daily, has great liquidity and presents hundreds of opportunities in a week it’s no surprise it is the starting point for many just starting out on their sports trading journey. There are courses run by a number of professionals who have made it their professional living – a dream that many of us aspire to. This course isn’t solely focused on Horse Racing but does cover some other sports too – mainly Cricket and Football.

Who Is Tony Hargraves?

Tony Hargraves, also known as ‘The Badger’, is an Australian sports trader who resides in the UK. Tony has been trading on Betfair since 2004 and turned professional in 2008. As an active member of the RacingTraders forum and their BetTrader software he was prompted to start giving trading courses around the UK. As well as trading Horse Racing pre-off and in-play, he also focuses on UK Football and international Cricket.

Tony can be heard giving an overview of the BetTrader’s software in the video below:

Booking the RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass 

The course was booked by email and confirmation and correspondence all conducted by email. Pre-course information was sent out well in advance of the course and contained full details regarding timings, address location and what to expect.

Outside of Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester

Outside of Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester

The Day of the RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass

The course started early at around 9am and the morning session began with what the foundation principles of trading are and what it essentially is. Tony then showed us images of how his office was now set up and how it had evolved over the years to adapt with circumstances, trading styles and experience.

We then moved on to cover psychology and mindset with some excellent real life examples that required us to self-evaluate what our response in the situation would be. This very quickly helped to show the element of discipline that a sports trader requires and let us determine if at that point we were actually a ‘trader’ or a ‘punter’.

We covered an introduction to strategies for both horses and football, to give us a flavour of how to find value within the markets. Tony covered a lot of the strategies he regularly uses and showed us to how to put our research in to play in respect of the sport and markets we wanted to trade. There was reference to other sports too and we were given lots of examples of how you could begin trading these sports based upon current level of knowledge of the sport.

Another section included graphs and what everything meant, showing what can be interpreted and learned from them.

Next, we focused on on money management and what you should and shouldn’t do. Tony stressed the importance of exiting trades and showed us examples of what you should do and how to do it in certain given circumstances.

Lunch was excellent and it was also an opportunity to talk with other attendees who all seemed to be at different stages of either getting involved or being involved with sports trading.

After lunch, we had a live horse trading session which was great to see as it clearly demonstrated the elements that needed to be focused on and closely watched. Tony talked to us about how to watch races and the different types of feeds, how he trades in-play himself and angles to look for both for advantage as well as pitfalls.

I made notes during the day for my own reference but we were told at the outset that we’d be receiving a set of course slides so that enabled us to not have to focus on writing every single piece of information down. There really was a lot of valuable information shared during the day but like any course, it’s down to the delegates to work with it and put it in to play after the day has ended.

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After Course

Three days after attending the course a comprehensive email was sent out including a full set of the PowerPoint slides used during the day, links to download copies of the Sports Trader eBook, Racing Trader eBook and Strategy eBook (other eBooks that are now available were written after the course was undertaken), a link to Football Form Labs and an offer of a free month of access to the BetTraders software. There was also a link to an explanation of how Tony uses Football Form Labs to inform his Football trading and a spreadsheet with prices as a percentage.

What Edge Will It Give Me?

This course is perfect if you’re new to sports trading or are looking to find out what sports trading can offer and how to set about getting involved in sports trading. What it isn’t is a day of methodology and defined strategies that you can walk out the door with. Lots and lots of methodologies are covered during the day but with the emphasis that these need to be taken away and practiced in line with all the other information covered.

Final Thoughts on the RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass

Tony went to great lengths to get the participants to do lots of self-examination and actually question themselves as to whether or not they were cut out to be a sports trader.  The RacingTrader’s Sports Trading Masterclass is all about what you need to get involved in trading, the type of mindset and mentality you need and a ‘warts and all’ insight into both the good and bad as, after all, trading isn’t right for everyone.

I personally really enjoyed attending the course and as someone who was completely new to trading, the workshop provided an in-depth insight as to what could be achieved and how to get started. If you’re looking for pre-determined set methodologies then this isn’t really what the workshop is about but if you want to know more about how to get started or really improve on the sports trading journey and how to go about it then this course is ideal.

Have you been on a RacingTrader’s course? Comment below with your thoughts on it!

Top Tips

  • Watch as much video content as you can before attending the course – especially the YouTube content that Tony has put online – as well as the information on the RacingTraders website
  • Familiarise yourself with trading software as the course clearly demonstrates the edge that this gives when undertaking sports trading
  • Whilst this course is one of the better courses for anyone who is completely new to sports trading, if you haven’t already then check out these three books will prepare you for what sports trading entails before you book any courses
  • The course focused on the important elements need to become a profitable long term sports trader. Tony is extremely knowledgeable, was very attentive through the day and was very generous with the knowledge that he shared with the room
  • All delegates were also invited to join Tony for a drink and live football trading session after the course too which was a nice extra
  • The tour of Manchester United may not have appealed to everyone but it was a nice touch
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