Disclaimer: Use of the Term ‘Risk-Free’

The term ‘risk-free’ is used by many matched betting services and I also use the term here on www.SportsTradingTools.co.uk.

However, it is absolutely crucial to understand that the term ‘risk-free’ – when applied to the context of matched betting, arbitrage betting or any other form of betting – refers solely to the PRINCIPLE.

In reality, it is absolutely possible to lose money.

Such losses may arise due to human or technological error – or entirely unforeseen circumstances.

Whilst I always do my best to make it clear that the term ‘risk-free’ does NOT imply a scenario where there is a ZERO percent chance of losing any money – there may be times when this is unclear.

As such, this disclaimer states that whenever the term ‘risk-free’ is used within this website, email lists, social media profiles – or any other content – it is in reference to the principle – NOT the absolute definition of the term.

The information contained within this website and its associated content is for entertainment purposes only – it should NOT be taken as incontrovertible advice.

By acting upon such information – either correctly or incorrectly – YOU are 100% responsible for any outcomes.

Please see the Earnings Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions for more information.

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