Review: Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

"The perfect place to start for those who want to find out the basics to Betfair trading."

Caan Berry’s Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started is a book designed for beginners who want to find out more about Betfair trading. The book covers pretty much everything you need to know about getting started trading the sports markets and will give you a great head start to your journey.

Caan Berry Betfair Trading Made Simple

Who is Caan Berry?

Caan Berry is a renowned Betfair sports trader whose website is dedicated to helping newbies get started with Betfair trading.

Caan Berry’s 'Betfair Trading Made Simple'

What Edge Will It Give Me?

Written by an experienced Betfair professional, Caan Berry’s book will provide the perfect head-start for beginners to Betfair trading.

If you’re serious about learning your trade then this book is definitely worth the small investment.

‘Betfair Trading Made Simple’ Review

‘Betfair Trading Made Simple’ by Caan Berry is a book for those who are at the very beginning of their sports trading journey and are wanting to learn the very basics of sports trading on Betfair. The book covers how money can be made from betting, how sports trading works and how to set yourself up for long-term success.

This is the sort of book that I wish was around when I started my journey as it pieces together lots of the information that you’ll need to get started. As usual with Caan’s content, it’s written in a clear and easy-to-understand manner that anybody can get their head around.

At 133 pages it a read that you’ll have finished in no time and will have set you up with the foundational basics you’ll need to decide whether you wish to give Betfair trading a proper crack of the whip.

What Are the Contents of Caan Berry’s Book?

  • Luck Doesn’t Exist
  • How to Win Money Betting
  • Basic Trade Anatomy
  • Aha! An Unfair Advantage
  • The Glove Fits
  • Absent 50
  • Preparing to Win
  • Long Term: Risk Management
  • Strategic Foundations

As you can see, there’s a lot of excellent content to help you get on the right path when investigating more about sports trading, and for under a tenner it’s well worth a pop.

The information contained in the book provides the perfect starting base for learning about how sports trading works. After reading the book many newbies find the next step is to subscribe to Caan Berry’s Advanced Video Pack which will visually show you how the professionals trade the markets and how you can too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re just starting to investigate what Betfair trading is all about then this book comes highly recommended as the best starting place.

It provides all of the most basic information you need to get started on your path to success in the sports trading markets.

Top Tips

  • As well as purchasing the book I highly recommend watching Caan’s YouTube videos and reading his blog. He explains a lot of the struggles he went through when he started his journey and how he overcame them – a lot of which many of you reading this will undoubtedly be able to relate to. You can find our blog post on Caan’s Berry’s 4 Best YouTube Videos by clicking here.
  • Caan is always happy to help newbies to trading, follow him on Facebook and Twitter where he often posts and interacts with his followers
  • Give the book a couple of reads as the information contained will soak in better
  • Combining the knowledge presented in the book guide with the content in Caan’s Advanced Video Pack will provide great grounding for tackling the markets
  • Provides a head start for anyone wishing to learn about sports trading
  • Content included is comprehensive and well structured
  • Simple to read and understand. Not full of technical jargon
  • It’s hard to criticise the book – it does what it set out to do


How long is the book?

133 pages.

Can I trust Caan Berry knows what he is talking about?

Yes, Caan has been a professional sports trader for many years and has even been featured in Betfair adverts to promote their betting exchange. He is about as trustworthy as they come!

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