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Step 3: Betfair Sports Trading - The 3 Best Learning Tools for Newbies - SportsTradingTools.co.uk

Step 3: Betfair Sports Trading - The 3 Best Learning Tools for Newbies

Trading without a sense of direction or knowledge is a minefield. It’s best to follow people who have already trodden the path so you can learn from their (often expensive) mistakes. These online tools are the cream of the crop in terms of learning and you will get 8-12 months use out of them for the price that it costs to go on a 1 day course.

What Benefits Do These Trading Tools Offer?

As well as the fact they’re better value for money than courses (well, in my opinion anyway) they also offer the following benefits:

1. They are designed with newcomers to trading in mind

This means they cover the basics and follow a logical pathway to get you from the start of your journey to the point where you may be able to consistently profit from the markets.

2. You become a part of a community

Whilst this doesn’t apply to Caan’s, the other two – Goal Profits and Betfair Trading Community, have fantastic communities where members can share information, help each other out and spot potential opportunities together. This is a truly invaluable asset when you’re starting out and will exponentially help your progress.

3. Learn at your own pace and in your own time

The problems with 1 day courses are, well… that they’re 1 day. This means that when you’re on the course this is your only chance to ask questions. The communities of Goal Profits and Betfair Trading Community mean this isn’t a problem. Caan is often active on Twitter offers email support to anyone who has bought his video package.

Top Tips from My Experience

  • Have the mindset going in that you will stick with these tools for at least 6 months. You will not learn anything by trying a trading tool for 1 month and then deciding it hasn’t worked out
  • There are lots of ups and downs in the beginning of trading – in fact, more downs than ups, you must stick through this. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme. It often takes traders between 12-18 month to become profitable

You wouldn’t start a new career without having any proper training or education, would you? So why should it be any different with trading? If you’re serious about becoming profitable long term then you need to invest in developing your skillset.

These are 3 of the best tools to give you a head start:

Top Pick: Goal Profits

  • Pricing Options: £37 per month, £99 per quarter, £365 per year
  • Sports Covered: Just Football
  • Unique Feature/s: Training modules combined with Team Stats database software gives traders an incredibly powerful edge
  • Website: www.goalprofits.com

Brief Overview: An award-winning Betfair football trading community that has been active since 2011, it teaches members how to trade football and provides refined statistics for over 60 leagues around the world.

Short Review: If you’re going to trade football then you need look no further – Goal Profits has everything you need to learn how to trade the Betfair football markets successfully. It has been built from the ground up to help give beginners a logical pathway to mastering football trading and offers professionals a range of tools to enhance their edge.

Read the full review.

Top Tip: Tackle the modules week by week, as is suggested. This will allow you to master each strategy and know how it works inside out.

Remember, you need time to make sports trading work so signing up for a month and giving trying each strategy on a whim with no real plan of action will ultimately be your own downfall.

Goal Profits - Team Stats Software - Godoy Cruz vs Estudiantes Analysed
Goal Profit's Team Stats Software - Godoy Cruz vs Estudiantes Analysed

Caan Berry’s Advanced Video Pack

  • Pricing Options: One payment of £167, includes free updates for life
  • Sports Covered: Horse Racing, Greyhounds
  • Unique Feature/s: Annotated and paused videos to explain the inner workings of the mind when Caan is executing his trades
  • Website: www.caanberry.com

Brief Overview: A pack with 22 modules and 96 videos – Caan’s online trading resource takes you through each step on the path to becoming a profitable horse racing trader.

Short Review: Caan is someone who knows and understands the initial stages and struggles any newbie horse racing trader goes through. This is a fantastic resource for those looking to take the leap from the beginner stages of their learning onto the next step of novice-intermediate learnings that they can apply to the markets themselves.

Read the full review.

Top Tip: Watch a module throughout the week and try to implement your learnings from it during those trading sessions. Then do the same again with another module and another trading session.

Betfair Trading Community

  • Pricing Options: First month – £14.99 then £29.99 per month thereafter or £299 per year
  • Sports Covered: Football (Soccer), Horse Racing, Tennis, NFL, Cricket
  • Unique Feature/s: Many videos and guides to help those who are new to sports trading learn the basics
  • Website: www.betfairtradingcommunity.com

Brief Overview: Betfair Trading Community hosts a mix of over 500 professional and novice sports traders and provides a community platform to converse and exchange ideas with each other.

Short Review: This is a welcoming community that does a great job of teaching newcomers the basics of how to trade the Betfair sports markets. If this is your first foray into sports trading and you don’t necessarily want to focus on trading football then this is the perfect option to start with due to the amount of beginner-level learning material on offer.

Read the full review.

Top Tip: Keep focused on one sport to begin with, do not attempt all strategies for all sports as it will hold you back from making your first consistent profits.

Betfair Trading Community - Stats Engine Software
Betfair Trading Community - Stats Engine Software for Football

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